Seminar Participant Comments:

  • “The best supervisor training in my professional experience”.
  • “Excellent ...touched my life, both personally & professionally”.
  • “Mildred is a great speaker and a wonderful person. Love to hear her again”.
  • “Very funny, warm, humble, realistic, enjoyable. Good examples, real-life samples”.
  • “Awesome, inspiring. I could have listened to her all day”.
  • “She has a way of getting at the root withough damaging the flower”.
  • “I have never met or heard anyone that has inspired me as much”.
  • “Straight forward, down to earth, easy to understand and apply”.

    A recent Plant manager's thank you note ........On behalf or our Companies, Plant management and Staff...sincere thanks. We enjoyed your presentation and are utilizing many of your techniques.....the practical suggestions and life experiences enhanced your presentation. Your message really hit home with our team .........thanks again for sharing your enthusiasm and insights .