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In this month's Mildred's Top Ten Tips on public speaking.......the 5th in our Super Supervisor communications series, Mildred shares the techniques based on approximately 1500 Mildred LIVE! events to corporate America. In her funny, and straight forward manner, Mildred shares exclusively with PZ subscribers tips on personal appearance, grabbing attention, closing with a flourish, and more." Apply some of these tips and increase the impact of your next talk.....guaranteed!........next issue "The talking/listening balancing act....."


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Before your next talk, practice these 10 things and I guarantee both you and your audience will be glad you did.

1. Be prepared :
First and foremost, you must talk about something that you have earned the right to talk about. Something you have seen, touched, tasted or otherwise experienced or something that you have studied until it is now a personal and familiar interest to you. In other words, it must be obvious you really know a lot about the subject. Go over your notes several times as the date grows near and one last time the night before. Be prepared and both your audience and you will enjoy the speech more. Bullet point your notes when you take them to the podium so you can simply refer to them and then use your own words.........NEVER just stand up there and read the notes.....you don't need a speech in that case......you could have emailed the notes..

2. Dress and Appearance
Wear clothes suitable for the occasion that fit you well. Clothes similar to what the audience is wearing. Clothes must be clean, clean, clean. If you are a man, shoes shined, hair neatly cut and fingernails clean. If lady, neat hair do and go easy on the make up. Both sexes, wear deodorant but no perfume. Wear comfortable shoes.

3. Breaking the ice
You have to "break the ice" before you go on stage. Arrive early - greet people as they come in and introduce yourself. Shake hands and smile, smile, smile, and let your enthusiasm show. When you take the microphone - the ice must be already broken and in the glass. When it is time to go on stage, you must go up and "take charge" in the first few minutes.

4. Confidence
Speaking to a group of people is frightening. The fear of it is second only to the fear of dying. It's the same whether you are performing before a thousand people, or a supervisor/manager talking to a dozen of your employees. The butterflies will come. The weak knees and the dry mouth. My advice is to have "Notes". Not big long pages, but a 5X7 note book with index cards that you have punched holes in to fit the notebook. Have only one point on each card and flip them one by one as you move through your talk. This little note book will give you confidence, even if you are a "seasoned "speaker, because a lot of times "When you stand up, your mind sits down".

There was a joke about this. A lady was to make a speech on the way she got brave and threw away her notes. She got up to the mike and looked over her audience and said. "Ladies and gentlemen, when I came in this place tonight, only God and I knew what I was going to say. Now, only HE knows!"

5. Grab Your Audience's Attention Early on. Experts say that if you don't get the people's attention in the first 2 or 3 minutes, you will not get it at all. Remember to keep smiling and try one or more of the following:

1. First, establish some common ground. Let them know you know something about their city, their occupations, their football teams, etc. Maybe something they are famous for. Make it funny if at all possible.

2. Tell them that what you have to say will change their lives....absolutely!.

3. Promise them something.....a good time, some fun, something they have never heard before, etc.

6. Keep Them Interested You must use some humor if you are to keep them interested. When they laugh, it sends oxygen to the brain. It also brings everyone to the same level like family. Have a few funnies that are related to the subject and make them part of your talk.

If the speech starts to drag, declare "comic relief" time and tell a couple of really funny jokes from your note book pocket (your "comic relief" jokes do not have to relate to your subject....just funny!. Remember, if they are not funny to you, they will not be funny to them). Everybody likes to laugh. It will keep your audience interested ...........and awake!

7. Knowing When to Stop If you have been asked to speak 45 minutes. STOP in 45 minutes. Always know what you are going to end with.....and if things start dragging be ready to go into your closing remarks...even if your time is not completely up.

8. Have extra stuff If you run out of material before you are finished ...always have a few extra cards in the back of your notebook. These will contain points on your subject or a related story or poem, that you can use if necessary.


9. Close With a Flourish You want them to remember you. When you close, review the most important points of your talk (not in detail)...just skimming over them. Then have a great poem or quotation and close something like this " I will close with a little poem that wraps up what we have talked about today, but before the poem I want to wish you good luck and God Speed". .......then do the ending with renewed enthusiasm. Don't let yourself get weary at the end and keep smiling! . Sometimes you may have to use the "as if" principle. You may have to act "as if" you are enthusiastic. I promise you the "as if" principle will work for you every time.

10. Stay Around for a While. Don't rush off. Stay around and let the people talk to you. If you have books, etc, sign them and tell each person how much you enjoyed being with them. Shake hands and smile, smile, smile.......and maybe a few hugs! You want the memories of the event to be pleasant.


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  A LAUGH ^top  

Mind Jokes

Strange but True

There are two kinds of pedestrians: the quick and the dead.

The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

All of us could take a lesson from the weather...... It pays no attention to criticism.


In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

Married man, "I didn't know what happiness was until I got married..........then it was too late!

Great unsolved mysteries:

Why does your Doctor leave the room when you get undressed if they are going to see everything anyway?

Why does the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?

Does pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive faster?......then WHY DO WE ALL DO IT!

  A BLESSING ^top  

He Knew it All.......By Mark A. Lenz. Contributed by one of our esteemed clients. This poem was inspired by an arrogant manager with a huge blind spot who told Mark "With all my experience, I don't need any leadership training". Do you know someone like this?:

He Knew It All

There once was a boss, who was never at a loss
To tell others what he did know.

He knew it all, in his knowledge he stood tall.
Sure his was the best way to go.

So sure of himself, he put training on shelf.
To more important matters, he must attend.

Oh he was a busy sort of guy, never stopped to wonder why.
Every spare second was spent on problems, only he could mend.

Every worker he passed, would giggle and laugh.
Saying he sure thinks he’s one heck of guy.

If only he’d stop to acknowledge our worth on our little piece of earth.
As workers we’d have given him the sky.

Of his workers he complained, never found a thing to praise.
What’s wrong with these folks, why can’t they fix these things.

He demanded improvement and only got movement.
But in his department, he was the King,, after all he owned everything.

Oh if he only gone to class, he wouldn’t be finishing last.
He’d have learned the importance of valuing his folks.

In frustration he yearns for recognition and promotion.
Never realizing he’s the brunt of the jokes.

Cruel it seems, but his harvest he’s reaping.
Now in his little corner he sits weeping.

He never learned how to improve at all.
And that my dear friend was the root of his fall.

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"If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you."

-- Louise Hay

"There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in."

-- Seth


"The only way to conquor fear is to do the thing you are afraid of".




Public Speaking Challenge:

Volunteer to speak when the next opportunity arises and use the ten tips....email me and let me know how it went.

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