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Part 1 of our new series: "Effective Communications ...... your best defense against information overload".

Did you ever feel like road kill on the information highway?........ Imagine this scene.........You are in the middle of an important power point presentation to your team and your cell phone rings....it's your teenager, "Hey!!!!...... My X box won't hook up with the net and I can't play "Pirates of the Burning Sea" with my friends in China and Germany!"......

Yes, sometimes it's annoying but like it or not today's world is "buzzing" with communications....Cell phones, Blackberry's, and the internet give us instant access from anywhere to anyone anywhere else on the planet......The internet provides instant access to the treasure of all knowledge in recorded history............truly amazing.

The information explosion emphasizes our need to communicate better so we are dedicating several issues to this important topic. Beginning this month with "Breakthroughs in Communications", we review the major advances in human communications that have taken us from grunting cave men and cave women to modern, connected business people at the dawning of the "Age of Aquarius". We also predict some future breakthroughs.

In future issues, we will bring it down to the shop floor and use familiar "Kaizen tools" to improve our Communications processes and finish with "Mildred's secret tips on public speaking that have made her "Mildred Live!" seminars so successful".

The Effective Communications Series will include:

1. Breakthroughs in Communications.(this issue)
Communicating with the body, mind and spirit using Mildred's employee triangle.
3. A Communications Kaizen (Standard flow for good communications, Muda, breakdowns and root causes)
More Effective One on One communications....the "Talking/listening balancing act"
Tips for more effective group communications...team meetings, classroom, creative brainstorms, internet, cell phone.
Mildred's secret tips on Public Speaking

A Lesson Breakthroughs in Communication
A Laugh Poor, cloudy, and other miscommunication jokes!
A Blessing "They're Coming On Behind" by Mildred and Aquarius
We've got Mail from you Bartley and Associates chooses the Super Supervisor"
What's up and what's New Free 7C Frammable available for download
3 Quotes for the If I have been able to see further .....Sir Isaac Newton also Tachii Ohno
Mildred's Super Supervisor Challenge Find that Diamond in the Rough
Featured Product: "Mildred in a Box" Special

The Super Supervisor

  LESSON ^top  

"Breakthroughs in Communications"
Man moves out of his cave

Since the days of the primitive cave man, human communications has continued to evolve and enlarge our world. Instant global communications has put the world in our hands. ...Where will it lead, we can only speculate?.......Let's review the breakthroughs.

Several Million years ago. Early gestural and vocal communications:

Primitive cave men and cave women sat around the camp fire gulping food and grunting their satisfaction over the "kill" to his fellow hunters. With a vocabulary of only a few grunts and yelps, primitive spoken communications were supplemented with sign language and a highly developed body language..........especially facial expressions to communicate positive and negative emotional states (e.g. fear, sorrow, satisfaction and laughter). Tool making, especially spears and arrows were important, but the ability to communicate in teams with gestures (early sign language) and calls improved early man's hunting ability. Increasingly cunning in hunting, skillful at tool making, man's brain grew two fold to it's present size. With tools and communications man asserted his superiority over all the other animals on our planet.

300,000 BC: Spoken Language ............. a framework for sharing ideas

50,000 BC Cave Art........ early creative expression

3500 BC Written Language..... Phoenician Alphabet promoted trade and commerce

300 BC Alexander's Libraries.........gave common citizens access to the wisdom of the ages

1450 AD: Printing Press Johann Gutenberg.......Books for all

The invention of spoken language and a growing vocabulary enhanced our ability to explore complex ideas. The alphabet allowed us to capture ideas in books and pass on learning from one generation to the next and accumulate knowledge. Building on the knowledge of earlier scientists, heroes like Newton and Einstein were able to make new discoveries that transformed and enlarged our worlds and our minds.

The tools our ancestors invented gave us more time to think, which has led to even greater progress.

The World in our hands

2000 AD Global Communications Era

The early 20th century brought us the Teletype, Telephone, Radio then TV and extended our communications so that we can share the discoveries that shape our lives on a global basis.............the first generation in history with that privilege.

The world continues to get smaller. With late 20th century inventions like the Cell phones, Blackberry's and the internet we are no longer limited by time and space like our ancestors.......... the whole world is quite literally in our own hands.

Beyond 2005

The Future of Human Communication in the "Age of Aquarius"

Where are all these improvements in communications leading??? We can only imagine. Today's inventions would certainly amaze the old cave man and cave woman and there is no end in sight.

Today, in 2005 at the dawn of the 21st century the pace of innovation continues. Indeed The Age of Aquarius has just arrived and astrologers and poets predict a new era of enlightenment, harmony and understanding. Here are a few predictions for future breakthroughs:

  • Vastly improved web surfing. Higher bandwidth will lead to more visually compelling communications and the TV phone only dreamed of by Thomas Edison (and Dick Tracy) will become a reality.
  • Some optimistic futurists hope the explosion in global communications will increase our "world consciousness" in time to save our planet from a looming ecological collapse.........unless we curb pollution and the destruction of natural habitat ........
  • Better communications among cultures could lead to world peace and a global community.
  • Contact with other intelligent life on Earth. The Dolphin and whale communications, scientists have discovered, is as complex and rich as our own, could teach us something?
  • Contact with intelligent life in outer space. Huge antennas are pointing straight up at the sky waiting for any signal. What could we learn?
  • Telepathy. We all practice mind reading but truly gifted Psychics are rare. Compelling stories abound. Can we discover how to tap into this mode of communication?
  • Share your predictions and thoughts

Mankind has come a long way from our cave ..........and we still have a long way to go....onward into the Age of Aquarius.

With this overview, next month we bring communications down to the shop floor with Mildred's employee triangle.........."Communicating with the body, mind and spirit".

  A LAUGH ^top  

Poor Communications

Elderly couple sitting on the porch rocking.
He, " After all these years, I have found you tried and true."
She, "What?".
He, " I said, after all these years, I have found you tried and true."....
She, "Huh?".
He, very loud "I said, after all these years, I have found you tried and true!"
She, "Well after all these years, I'm getting pretty tired of you, too!"

Cloudy Communications

On the first night of their honeymoon, the frustrated wife can't understand why her new husband had been sitting and staring out the window for two hours.

Wife to husband, "Come on to bed, dear, why are you staring out that window?

Husband, "Somebody told me this was gong to be the most beautiful day of my life and I didn't want to miss anything".

Effective Written Communications

Sign in a bowl of apples in school cafeteria "TAKE ONLY ONE....GOD IS WATCHING".

On down the line some kid had put up a sign on a platter of chocolate chip cookies.


  A BLESSING ^top  

They are Coming on Behind by Mildred Ramsey

While traveling on this road of life, you may be unaware,
That someone's coming on behind, who'd follow you most anywhere.
Somebody wants to be like you, they love the way you talk,
They're watching everything you do, they'll walk the way you walk.

There's one who thinks that you're ideal, your smile is their delight,
They think that anything you do, must surely be alright.
You may not see a living soul, if you should turn and look,
But someone's coming on behind, who's taking every step you took.

It may be just a little child, that you would hardly see,
But what your life reveals to him, is what he'll someday be.
It could be one who hasn't heard, that a real friend’s love is true,
And all they'll ever know of love, is what they see in you.

Aquarius! (ancient astronomers discovered a new age occurs every 6000 years as the position of the stars in the sky repeats. The Age of Aquarius started in 2000 AD) This song from the idealistic 60's is worth remembering.

This is the dawning of the age of aquarius, the age of aquarius, the age of Aquarius.......

"Harmony and understanding,
Sympathy and trust abounding.
No more falsehoods or derision,
Golden living, dreams of vision.
Mystic crystal revelations,
And the mind's true liberation.
Aquarius! Aquarius!
When the moon is in the southern half,
And Jupiter aligned with Mars.
Then peace will guide the planet,
And love will steer the stars.
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!
Age of Aquarius!
Aquarius! Aquarius! Aquarius! Aquarius!"

Fifth Dimension (Arista Records 1972)

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"If I have been able to see further than others it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants"


"Harmony among workers in a group .....is in greater demand than the art of an individual craftsman" "Toyota Production System". 1990


"Our (5 year 5 million dollar MIT) study.... reveals that workers respond only when there exists some sense of reciprocal obligation, a sense that management actually values (them and) their skills, will make sacrifices to retain them and is willing to delegate responsibility to their team"................... "The Machine that Changed the World". Womack et al. 1990. p99.




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