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People Skill #10

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Hello Friends!!!!

September focus: "Winning Your People's Minds", the 10th people skill from our Super Supervisor video series.....

"This month in her article titled,"The Door to the Mind is through the Heart." , Mildred will draw from her 42 years on the shop floor to teach us some tips and techniques for tapping into and winning the minds of your workers..........techniques that will work on the shop floor.....and best of all they will work at home, too!

From Super Supervisor 1 video People Skills 101
1. Getting response instead of reaction from subordinates.
2. Meeting the emotional needs of today's workers
3. Building Good Will .........good will=good work
4. Motivating with Respect and Recognition
5. Being a Super Role Model
6. Operating in the Positive Zone
From Super Supervisor 2 video People Skills 102
7 . Looking like a Leader and Acting like a winner
8 . Managing the Superior/Subordinate Factor
9 . Creating a team spirit with the will to win
10. Winning your People's Minds (this month)
11. The Magic in using the light touch
12. Building Unity in the Workplace


A LAUGH "Praying or "putting".
A LESSON "The Doorway to the Mind is the Heart", Five heart smart tips, and Importance of letting employees "in""
. "The heart is a garden......"
We Got Mail ..From You. "Mildred was a hit in Knoxville"
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A LAUGH : ...."You may be in trouble"

1. The American Medical Association tells us that 1 out of every 4 people will spend time in a mental institution......so if you are in a group of four and the other three look pretty good, you may be in trouble!

2. Sunday is a day when we all bow our heads. Some of us are praying, and some of us are "putting".

3. I intend to live forever - so far, so good

4. He had a mind like A Steel Trap - Rusty And Illegal In 37 States

The Doorway to the Mind?

LESSON: "The Doorway to the Mind....is the heart"

Psychological studies place "self esteem" very high on the list of things we all "need" to be positive productive and happy people. When someone boosts my self esteem, that validates my self worth, and touches the very essence of my being..........my heart.

This has to come from someone else.....you cannot validate yourself. I believe a lot of supervisors and managers need to give this fact a little more thought. The mind has been likened to a fantastic computer that is programmed primarily by our superiors in life. In my book. "The Super Supervisor" I talk about the many ways supervisors and managers can validate their subordinates self worth through positive communications.

Validation is the forerunner to motivation. Motivations happen in the mind.........while validation happens in the heart. When a superior tells a subordinate to do something, the mind receives the message but the heart decides the response. Therefore to maintain a productive and mutually satisfying relationship with their workers, supervisors and managers should "go for the heart" and I guarantee the mind will "tag along for the ride". I speak from 42 years of experience when I say that employees will give their best to, and will never forget those supervisors who touch their heart.

Four"heart smart" actions to win your employees minds:

1. Tell your employees that they are good at what the do, when you get a chance. A top level manager once said, "I told the HR people, I wish I had a dozen weavers like Mildred". WOW!, After that I doubled my efforts.........He validated my self worth and my spirit soared. He "got" my heart with this verbal affirmation and eventhough it has been 30 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday.

2. Show a little compassion when an employee has a death in the family. I heard an employee say one day "I will never like that boss, he didn't come when my daddy died". It had been 20 years ago. All managers should ..... A. Show up in person at the mortuary and sign the book. B. send a flower (it can be small) or a card, and C. follow up when the employee returns to work with a few kind words.

3. Try a little sensitivity when an employee is having personal problems such as sickness, accidents, marriage problems, troubled children, etc. They don't expect you to solve their problem. Just understand. Sensitivity touches the heart every time.

4. Try to pay a little "attention" to each employee every day. A smile, a wave of the hand, a "how is it going?" or an "atta boy". Most disruptions and disturbances on the job are really cries for "attention"......your enemies know this already. I saw this demonstrated back in 1980 when organized labor waged a 5 year battle for my company. They did not win, but they signed up way too many of our good people. I can tell you exactly how they did it: The union organizer paid them a lot of attention and got through their heart's door. Supervisors and managers, don't ignore a single one of your workers. A little attention can get you through the heart door and into the mind and remember....whatever gets your mind, gets you.

Incorporating these four practices into your relationships at work will win your people's minds........and I promise you, they will work at home too!!!!!!


A BLESSING: The Heart is a Garden

The heart is a garden where thought flowers grow.
Each thought that we think is a seed that we sow.
Each positive thought brings a positive deed.
But a negative thought is just like a weed.

We must nurture the good thought by night and by day
And pull up the weed thoughts and throw them away.
And plant positive seed so thick in a row
That there won't be room for the weed thoughts to grow.

Author unknown

WE GOT MAIL......From You! Mildred was a hit in Knoxville

1. Dear Mildred and Doug. The recent seminar at the Knoxville Marriott was an exciting time for me! I was thrilled to meet Mildred in person and the program was refreshing and enlightening. Throughout the entire session, I kept thinking - Mildred, where were you when I was out there in the workplace trying my best to stay abreast of changes and fulfilling the role of "supervisor"!! Mildred, you amaze me with your wit, charm and honesty.

Another.....I was motivated to shout out lots of hallelujah's but was too embarrassed.

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