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People Skill # 8

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Hello Friends!!!!

April focus: This month we will review "Managing the Superior/Subordinate Factor", the 8th of 12 people skills from our Super Supervisor video series. Arrogant bosses that dominate, and intimidate workers might function well in troops of monkeys, but not on today's enlightened workers. The truth is that managers and workers are all created equal....we are just in different roles. If you don't believe that just think if the janitor and president of the company were both gone 3 days, which one would you miss the most.....ha! This month we will review some actions that say "Big me/little you" .....avoiding these will help you establish a more positive relationship with your workers.

From Super Supervisor 1 video People Skills 101
1. Getting response instead of reaction from subordinates.
2. Meeting the emotional needs of today's workers
3. Building Good Will .........good will=good works
4. Motivating with Respect and Recognition
5. Being a Super Role Model
6. Operating in the Positive Zone
From Super Supervisor 2 video People Skills 102
7 . Looking like a Leader and Acting like a winner
8 . Managing the Superior/Subordinate Factor (this month)
9 . Creating a team spirit with the will to win
10. Winning your People's Minds
11. The Magic in using the light touch
12. Building Unity in the Workplace


A LAUGH "Be careful what you say".
A LESSON "Three behaviors all supervisors should avoid"
. "Do it now!".
We Got Mail ..From You. Results in from SuperSupervisor 1 course.
WHAT'S UP and WHAT's NEW Super Deal on Super Supervisor 1&2 combo kit extended through May!

A LAUGH : ...."Be careful what you say"

Two men overheard surveying the ladies at a party.

1st man, "I wish you would look at that pitiful ugly woman over there."

2nd man. "That's my wife!"

1st man. "Oh" no, I meant the one behind her."

2nd man. "That's my daughter!"

"Dreams that come true can hold some big surprises"

A man named Sam had a crush on this beautiful lady in his company. But he was overweight and bald and she refused to give him a date. So he was really smitten so he went on a diet and lost 50 pounds and got a very expensive toupee and some handsome new clothes. He looked so great that she agreed to go out with him for a weekend retreat. When he was putting her bags in the trunk of the car, a bolt of lightening struck him. His clothes were burned and his toupee was smoking so he looked up at God and said, "Lord why did you do this to me just when I had finally gotten the one thing I wanted?" God said "Oh, I'm sorry Sam, I didn't recognize you."

"A few fast ones"

Waiting on some of us to lose weight is like leaving a candle in the window for Jimmy Hoffa.

Success - getting what you want. Happiness- wanting what you get.

Some go to the fountain of knowledge to drink. Some only gargle.

LESSON: "Managing the superior/subordinate factor"

(from SuperSupervisor 2, People Skill 2)

As we said last month, today's workforce is the most educated, sophisticated, and liberated in the history of the world. They expect more from managers and supervisors than orders for the day......Here are three types of behaviors that turn workers off.....avoid these at all cost.

1. Domination and over control. Shouts and demands may make people move faster, but they have harmful side effects on all concerned. Nobody want to feel like they are being controlled by somebody else. This de-values a person and makes them feel unimportant. Share power. The result will be a more rewarding relationship.

2. Non verbal Big me/Little you statements. Walking around with your arms folded across your chest. Avoiding eye contact. Facial expressions that show anger. Walking away while they are trying to talk with you. Ignoring them. Embarrassing them in front of their peers. This makes a subordinate feel insignificant.

3. Other big me little you statements. Using profanity, Talking down to them. Not taking time to listen to them when they want to speak with you about something. Cutting them off in mid sentence or changing the subject. This creates feelings of insecurity in employees.

Avoid these behaviors and you will create a more positive relationship and a more positive relationship will always be a productive one!.

Three things you never want your subordinate to feel:
1. U
2. Insignificant.
3. insecure.



"Do it now!"

No-one knows who, where, when or why this little poem was written...Yet it hangs on walls all over the world. It lives in books, magazines, and speeches. It plays on radios, TV and the internet and has been translated into dozens of languages.

"I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, any kindness I can show to any human being, LET ME DO IT NOW. Let me not put it off nor neglect it, for I shall never pass this way again.


Love and prayers,

WE GOT MAIL......From You! Laura Wilkinson, one of our certified trainers in Mississippi recently conducted SuperSuperevisor 1 People Skills 101 for MMC Materials, Inc. Here are comments from 13 participants.

1. What did you like most about the class and materials? "Simple yet effective" "Video has common sense applications that anyone can use" "I laughed a lot too" " the Video and workbook was great" "The short segments helped to recognize each area that needed attention" "Condensed and to the point..easy to follow" "taught how you get more from a positive attitude than a negative one" "Ms Ramsey's down to earth approach to get her points across" "Concerned real issues that are very relevant" "Very applicable to my needs as a leader"

2. What did you like least about the class and materials?

"My own supervisors were not a part of it" "The time"

3. What did you like most about the Instructor's presentation?

"Confident with good speaking ability" "Knew her material well" "Her Joking keeps it interesting" "her positive interaction with the class" "kept everyone involved" "she is positive and good flow of info" "outgoing personality" "Laura is a very entertaining and informative speaker. You can tell she loves her work"

They said it all. Thanks and Congratulations, Laura!

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