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People Skill #5

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Hello Friends!!!!

January focus: This month we will review "Being a Super Role Model", the 5th of 12 people skills from our Super Supervisor video series. Leaders must take this responsibility seriously because, like it or not, workers consider their supervisors as role models. So let's learn to be good ones.

From Super Supervisor 1 video People Skills 101
1. Getting response instead of reaction from subordinates.
2. Meeting the emotional needs of today's workers.

3. Building Good Will .........good will=good works.
4. Motivating with Respect and Recognition
5. Being a Super Role Model (this month)
6. Operating in the Positive Zone
From Super Supervisor 2 video People Skills 102
7 . Looking like a Leader Acting like a winner
8 . Managing the Superior/Subordinate Factor
9 . Creating a team spirit with the will to win
10. Winning your People's Minds
11. The Magic in using the light touch
12. Building Unity in the Workplace


A LAUGH Do Hogs make good role models?
A LESSON "The Key to Being a Super Role Model"Three tips to get workers to admire and want to imitate you...
.......I hope my little poem "They're coming on behind" inspires you to re-think your influence on the people in your world.
We Got Mail ........From You. Mildred LIVE! leads to renewed commitment to employee relations and better coffee.
WHAT'S UP and WHAT's NEW The Super Supervisor Video Update. The video series is now on DVD with a new Facilitator Guide and Workbook....Special upgrade offer for current users.The popular "WONG's" story from Super Supervisor 1 is available free (audio mp3 download). Seminar attendees will testify that this funny story is one you will never forget.

A Mildred Moment.................

A LAUGH : ...."Hogs are role models too"

Dad scolding his young son at the dinner table "Don't eat like a pig" then remembering the boy was raised in the city, he said "You do know what a pig is, don't you?"
Son "Yes Sir, it's a hogs little boy"


Something to remember. "Life isn't fair. Get used to it. Some days you're the dog, some days you're the hydrant."


A LESSON:"The Key to Being a Super Role Model". Three tips on becoming the kind of boss workers will admire, imitate, and look up to.

1. Earning your worker's RESPECT is the key. Here are some do's and don't.

  • If you want to supervise others you must supervise Yourself first.

  • Control your Temper, your Tongue and your Hormones.

  • Respect your employees first and they will respect you. NEVER lose your Temper. If you do, you will lose your Case. Never use Profanity. Don’t talk Down to your workers. Don’t Whistle, Yell or Crook your finger to get their attention, walk off while they are talking to you, cut them off in mid sentence, change the subject or other demeaning and belittling actions. Never discipline them in front of their peers.

2. Show some enthusiasm!. If you get a fire in your gut about this company and your job......They will get one in theirs.

3. Encourage your workers. Always remember Encouragement energizes, Discouragement paralyzes.

Being a role model

What kind of Role Model is a Super Supervisor????????? one who practices all 12 people skills of course. Here is a review.

Super Supervisors are leaders that people naturally respond to because of their positive approach. Their team members “want to” work for them because their supervisor makes them feel important. They are ambassadors of good will in the company because they know that good will = good works or good wares. Their team is motivated because each player is treated with respect and receives recognition for their accomplishments. Supervisors are good role models for their team because they supervise themselves first. They know how to stay in the positive zone and bring along the team as well. Super Supervisors look like leaders and act like winners, never acting arrogant or superior because of their position of authority. As coaches they build a team spirit with the will to win and are always available and approachable.By using the “light touch” they create an atmosphere of confidence and acceptance which promotes unity and good will.

In short they are positive role models for their subordinates.



"My new year's wish "

"My wish for all companies and organizations for 2004 and beyond is for "Labor Peace". Labor peace is not the absence of unions. I believe it can be achieved and maintained in any environment where the management uses the 7 C's in their employee relations. Courtesy, Concern, Consideration, Compassion, Consistency, Control, and Caring. "

"They are coming on behind" (From Mildred's "Rainbow Collection")

While traveling on this road of life, you may be unaware.That someone's coming on behind, who'd follow you most anywhere.

Somebody wants to be like you, they love the way you talk.They're watching everything you do, they'll walk the way you walk.

There's one who thinks that you're ideal, your smile is their delight. They think that anything you do, must surely be just right.

You may not see a single soul, if you should turn and look. But someone's coming on behind, who's taking every step you took.

It may be just a little one, that you would hardly see. But what your life reveals to him, is what he'll someday be.

That's why your time is not your own, to do with as you choose. Since you're laying out a pattern, for those weaker ones to use.

So if you wander off the path, and the way seems hard to find. Just think of all those people, that are coming on behind.

Some day you'll have to answer for the light your life has shown. And when you stand in heaven, you won't stand there alone.

For when you reach those pearly gates, if you look back, you'll find. Those little one's who followed you, still coming on behind.


WE GOT MAIL......From You! How to improve your coffee!

From: HR Director from a grocery store chain.

I heard you speak at the Food Distributors International Conference and without a doubt it was the single best meeting I attended the whole time I was there.

In attendance were three other members of our company, including the president and we could not stop talking about the strong message you delivered. As managers we often times get caught up in profits and numbers and forget about the little things that make a difference to our people. Upon return to work one of the managers who attended the session called an employee who's wife just delivered a baby to ask if everyone was doing well. Although we have work to do in the area of employee relations, your session made us realize that we have to renew our commitment if we intend to win the day. Thank you!....

HR Director

PS the coffee is already tasting a little better.(you can download "The WONG story" if haven't heard the Super Supervisor seminar)



Super Supervisor 1 and 2 Enhanced:

HR QUIZ What gift would you choose for your company?

a. Good Will in the workplace?
b. A new level of excitement, enthusiasm, and creativity?
c. A unified Team with the will to win?

d. All of the above.

If you answered all of the above then you will be interested in new and improved Super Supervisor......a little background. Our clients love (approximately 1500 in use) the Super Supervisor videos for their immediate and powerful impact and their simplicity. Many times, the president of the company or the plant manager will purchase the videos and simply show them to their front line supervisors and pass out the Super Supervisor book.

Some clients, however, especially those with advanced training, requested workbooks to accompany the videos for more in depth training. With their assistance we have just released the enhanced Super Supervisor 1 and 2 Video Training series:

1. More Flexibility. Although the content has not changed, we have segmented the two 90 minute videos into 12 people skill sessions averaging 15 minutes each. The Super Supervisor 1 teaches 6 people skills and The Super Supervisor 2 teaches 6 more people skills. Now the training sessions are shorter, more focused, and more interactive. One client said watching the whole 90 minute video was like drinking water from a fire hose......now we can drink a glass at the time. The programs are also available on DVD with chapters so the segments can easily be taught in any order.

2. Facilitator's Guide and Workbooks. Each session is easy and fun to facilitate and features 15 minutes of video, Q&A, Group Discussion and a "Just for thought" suggestion to stimulate individual thinking. Many clients contributed to this effort, but we especially want to thank two professional trainers and certified Mildred Fans, Fred Railsback and Ed Brucek who have used the videos extensively and coached us on format and content for the workbooks. These workbooks are available in print or on on CD with copy rights in Microsoft Word format so you can customize them to meet your needs.

3. We have a Special upgrade offers for current clients who already purchased the videos giving full credit for the earlier purchase. Download this flyer for a detailed description and pricing

  • NEW or coming soon on our WEBSITE.
    • Free Complete Super Supervisor 1 kit when you book our on-site seminar in January. To kick off the new training material we are offering a complete set of video training material when you purchase our half day on-site seminar if you book in January. (a $795 value)
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    • Free audio mp3 download (2 minute clip from SS1 450Kbytes): "The WONG story". We get a lot of feedback on this humorous story.
    • The Super Supervisor People Skill test. this self assessment instrument may be useful in your training to help supervisors identify some of the 12 supervisory people skills that need some improvement.
    • You can review Positive Zone back issues by clicking here.


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