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People Skill #1
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Over the next 12 months, we will be reviewing the Super Supervisor's 12 essential people skills from the "Supersizing your people skills" seminar. Don't miss any of them, and I promise, you will get along better with the people in your world ........and that will enrich your life!. ...Mildred
From Super Supervisor 1 video
1. Getting response instead of reaction from subordinates.(this month)
2. Meeting the emotional needs of today's workers....
3. Building Good Will in the Workplace (good will=good works)
4. Motivating with the 3 R's (Respect, Recognition, Reinforcement)
5. Being a Role Model
6. Operating in the Positive Zone
From Super Supervisor 2 video
7 . Looking like a Leader Acting like a winner
8 . Managing the Superior/Subordinate Factor (big me/little you behaviors)
9 . Creating a team spirit with the will to win
10. Winning your People's Minds
11. The Magic in using the light touch
12. Building Unity in the Workplace

August focus: Getting RESPONSE instead of REACTION from Subordinates....People Skill#1


Great people skills makes the difference between ordinary supervisors and "Super" Supervisors. The most important skill of all is to communicate in a manner that turns people on instead of turning them off, engages them instead of pushing them away. We will review some techniques for "Super" Supervisor's to get response (and avoid reaction) by practicing the 7 C's.


A Mildred Moment.....A LAUGH Wong reacted to his treatment.....A LESSON How do you get your employees to respond ? A BLESSING. ..........How practicing the 7C's can help you lose an enemy and gain a friend .

We Got Mail ........From You Global Learning and Development Manager gets good results with SuperSupervisor video training.......... Plant Manager sees message hit home to his team.

WHAT'S UP and WHAT's NEW The August Special features a deal on the Super Supervisor 3 Video series....... Upoming Mildred Live Events............New audio CD's on our websit .........and 3 FREE DOWNLOADABLE case you don't have them. The 7C's, Man in the Glass, and A Short Course in HR.

A Mildred Moment.................

A LAUGH : ....WONG's Reaction

A group of wealthy people rented a yacht for a cruise to the Bahamas and hired a Chinese boy to cook for them. They took advantage of his inexperience and naivety and paid him well below scale wage. They didn't show him any respect or acknowledge his efforts to do a good job. They belittled and demeaned him by playing jokes on him. They put tacks in his shoes, emptied ash trays in his bed, laughed at a cake he baked and put him down at every turn.
Later, at their destination, they began to feel sorry for the
way they had treated Wong and they told him so.
"Wong," their spokesman said, "we're sorry for the bad way we treated you. After all, you're a human being just like the rest of us. You have feelings and just because we are your employers gives us no right to take advantage of you and discourage you. We are going to make amends. We will pay you the scale wage for cooks and will respect your dignity. And we will not play any more tricks on you."
"Ah," said Wong, "No more ashes in blanket?" "That's right," answered the spokesman. "No more tacks in Wong's moccasins?" "That's right."
"Ah, no more laughee Wong's cakee?" "That's right."
"Ah, velly good," said Wong. "No more pee pee in coffee."

Remember, employees will find a way to get even with you when they feel mistreated. (from The Super Supervisor Book by Mildred Ramsey)


Getting RESPONSE instead of REACTION from Subordinates (People Skill #1):


Every time we communicate with someone in our world, we get one of two things from that other person. To some extent we get response, or we get reaction. Not depending on the other person, but depending on how we approach them. Everyone responds to a positive approach.............and everybody reacts to a negative approach. Response is what you want because when employees react......they will find a way to get even with you.

When the 7 C's are the supervisor's normal pattern of behavior, workers will respond to his or her leadership. Lets see how workers will respond to each of the 7 C's.............or react to its opposite.

Responding and Reacting to the 7 C's

COURTESY-When you are courteous, I know you respect me and I will respect you in return. When you are discourteous, it makes me angry because a lack of courtesy demonstrates a lack of respect.

CONCERN-When you are concerned about me, it endears you to my heart. If you are unconcerned about me, I know you only care about my hands and you are settling for 1/3 of my potential.

CONSIDERATION-When you are considerate of me I know you value me as a team member. Inconsiderate and I feel like I am "left out" and sitting on the bench.

COMPASSION-When you show me compassion, you have touched my heart and you will have my loyalty forever. If you show disregard for my personal feelings, I will not forget it and I will never forgive you.

CONSISTENCY- When you are consistent, I know what to expect from you and what you expect from me. If you are inconsistent, I lose confidence in your leadership and will take a wait and see attitude.

CONTROL-When you supervise yourself, first, you have earned the right to supervise me. When you lose control, you lose your case with me, and the whole team.

CARING-When you care about me, I will care about both you and the company or organization we work for. Uncaring managers create bad will toward themselves and the company.

If you put the 7 C's into practice until they become your normal pattern of behavior, Folks will respond positively to you and you won't have nearly as many negative reactions that waste time and energy and produce bad will.........and the good thing is it is cost free!

(for a free copy of the 7 C's) click on the link, right click on the image and save to your hard drive 7C's of Super Supervising


Teaching The Foxes to Guard the Hen House

Putting the 7C's into Practice

After a seminar in Sumpter, SC, a man told me this story.

He was in construction and had a site where he had to stock part of his "stuff" outside the fence.

He said he noticed that someone had been plundering around in his supplies and a few things were missing.

He was in his office one day and glanced out the window to see two young boys about 12 or 13 years old playing near his stockpile. He said to himself "There's my problem.!" and started to go out and run them off.....But he thought better of it and instead he went to the drink box and got two ice cold drinks. He said it was very hot that day in August. He went out to the fence and reached over the fence with a drink in each hand. The boys came running and he gave them the sodas and said, "Boys, somebody has been messing with my supplies, and I was wondering if you guys would watch it for me. I know you live near by and I see you playing out here a lot. How about watching my stuff and if you see anything just let me know, and I will give you a cold drink every day".

He said, "Ms Ramsey, I never missed another thing."

When you bless others, you will be blessed!


WE GOT MAIL......From You!

1........Global Learning and Development Manager gets good results with SuperSupervisor Videos...

From: Kirk Eaton Global Organizational Learning and Development Manager. Duracell

Subject:The Super Supervisor 1 and 2 Video Training:

The comments from our supervisors were extremely positive and uplifting. Who know, perhaps in time we can all become “Super Supervisors”.


2.........Plant Manager sees message hit home to his team

(after a Mildred Live! Super Supervisor Seminar)

On behalf or our Companies, Plant management and Staff, I am extending you a sincere thank you. Everyone enjoyed your presentation and are utilizing many of your techniques. The practical suggestions and life experiences enhanced your presentation. Your message really hit home with our team .....thanks again for sharing your enthusiasm and insights.


August special:10 Free books with the purchase of the Super
Supervisor video set for $995.

a winner warts and all

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