From a trainer's perspective:

"Managers who utilize the principles that Mildred Ramsey exhibits in her "SuperSupervisor" video are certain to promote employee productivity and minimize turnover."

Kelly Reid

Director of Bojangles' University, Bojangles' Restaurants, Inc


From a CEO's perspective:

"Thank you for having written such a straightforward, interesting book. I think it will have a tremendously beneficial effect on our organization, and I predict that as time goes by more and more companies are going to learn about it and will be ordering copies. Congratulations on making a real contribution to this country."

Roger Milliken

Chairman, CEO, Milliken & Company

Upon winning the Best Employer of the Year Award in his industry, The president, Bob Windler credited Mildred:

Thanks for the kind words about our company receiving the "Best Workplace in America" award. I think that the timing of the award is somewhat symbolic. You see, in 1987 my companies morale, as well as my own personal level of job satisfaction was as low as it had ever been. Something had to change and my frustration was so great that I was considering selling the business and changing careers. I recall one piece of advice that I heard at a management seminar that changed the momentum of our organization and my career. That advice came from Mildred Ramsey at a BIA convention. She promised that, if practiced, this piece of advice alone would cover the cost of admission to see her speak. She advised that before belting out the marching orders each day, to take the time to say "good morning, how are you today?", then belt out the orders. The results of showing this little token of respect helped me to understand the human side of business. I owe much of the success of our organization and the satisfaction of my career to Mildred's advice. I'm looking forward to her return to the BIA this fall. I'm also trying to free up those in our organization that would benefit the most from her message. For us to win the "Best Workplace in America" award both times that we have entered is a tribute to Diecrafters staff and to Mildred Ramsey for the cold, hard slap in the face that she gave me 15 years ago. Thanks Mildred and thanks BIA - I appreciate it!

R. J. Windler

President Diecrafters, Inc. Winner of "The 2003 Best Workplace in America"

From seminar participants:

"She has a way of getting at the root without damaging the flower."

"She is one of the best motivational speakers I've heard."

"Her message is a must for every Amoco supervisor and employee."

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