CEO's, Presidents, HR directors and corporate Lawyers value the strategic impportance of establishing the way you expect your people to be treated by management in the company and teaching them the skills they need. Mildred Ramsey's Super Supervisor Training program is transforming the workplaces of America with a top to bottom improvement in morale. Supervisors who experience the training are grateful for the lifechanging improvements in relationships both at work and at home. . The video series and book are in use by over 1500 clients across America in all kinds of businesses. The Super Supervisor will leave a powerful, positive and permanent impression on your company

SuperSupervisor 1, SuperSupervisor 2, and A Winner, Warts and All video seminars are available in 90 minute video CD's for $450.00 each or $995.00 for the set or all three video seminars.

Audio cd's of the programs are $25.00 for the set in mp3 format.

The SuperSupervisor 1 and 2 seminar videos are based on Mildred's book The Super Supervisor where she teaches from the workers viewpoint what managers need to do to win the hearts and mind of their employees and tap into their hidden potential. Super Supervisor Books are $8.95 each or $5.00 each for over 50.

The new motivational book, A Winner Warts and All, and a heart warming book of poetry, The Rainbow Collection which reveals another side of Mildred are avalable for $8.95 each or $5.00 each for over 50. These make great gifts for employees

Seminar Videos:

SuperSupervisor 1 "Your Employees are not personnel . . . they are persons"

  • Working with change
  • Goodwill equals good work
  • Motivating with the positive approach
  • The super supervisor as a role model
  • SuperSupervisors are leaders

SuperSupervisor 2 "Motivating form the inside out"

  • Statements your attitude and appearance make
  • Winning people's mind's
  • The magic in using the light touch
  • Unity in the workplace

A Winner, Warts and All "A Team Builder and a morale booster"

Moving into the positive zone

  • Spiritually
  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Financially


SuperSupervisor Book
"What your employees always wanted to tell you but were afraid you
would fire them. Over 200,000 in circulation. AVAILABLE IN SPANISH

A Winner Warts and All Book
A motivational book that teaches all employees how to move into the positive zone and stay there.

The Rainbow Collection Book
12 of Mildred's best poems including "Thankful for the Thorns", "Storms on the Sea of Life", "After the Clay is Hard", and others

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