CEO's, Presidents, HR directors, and corporate Lawyers value the strategic importance of establishing the way you expect your people to be treated by management in the company and teaching them the people skills they need.

Mildred Ramsey's Super Supervisor© is a high impact, humorous, entertaining, and down to earth people skills training seminar enjoyed by over 1500 client companies in all business sectors.

"The only supervisory training program in America from the employee's viewpoint or......What your employees always wanted to tell you but were afraid you would fire them!" Video Introduction to Mildred Ramsey from Super Superisor 2

Is your company non union and wants to stay that way? Unionized but seeking improved labor/managment relations? Or, like many of our clients with a mixture of union and non union plants seeking unity in the workplace? Either way, Mildred's message will narrow the gap in your labor/management relations. You've heard from Labor lawyers, Labor consultants, and Labor leaders, now hear from labor! Seminar Evaluations

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